Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

The White River watershed provides diverse opportunities for students to learn important academic skills and to benefit their communities through service learning. Here are a few resources to get you started.

Service Learning

The WRP offers annual, hands-on volunteer opportunities focused on watershed stewardship. Check out our Stewardship Program for more information.

Monitoring the White River Program

Since 2010 the WRP’s Monitoring the White River Program has been engaging White River watershed teachers and students in classroom and field work activities that raise awareness about watershed issues and create opportunities for hands-on, place-based ecology education.

MWR Teacher Resources

MWR covers 4 seasonal watershed monitoring topics:

  1. Crayfish Unit – key members of river and riparian food webs and a good example of the impact of an invasive species (the rusty crayfish).
  2. Riparian Track & Sign Module – evidence of wildlife activities along river corridors.
  3. Waterbugs Module – indicators of river health and water quality.
  4. Watershed Restoration Culverts Module

In addition MWR provides the following resources for participating teachers:

  • Content specialist support for tailored teacher training, curriculum development, and student field work;
  • Access to a Lending Library of monitoring equipment and publications;
  • Networking opportunities with teachers, state and federal aquatic biologists, and other resource people; and
  • Seasonal newsletters highlighting MWR programs, events, and resources.

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