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Got tires in the river? Report them here!

We need your help to remove tires from the White River.

In preparation for our September 2021 river cleanup, we invite you to report any tires (or large trash dumps) you find in the White River. We’ll use your reports to focus our cleanup efforts in September.

Our goal is to partner with the Bridgestone Tires4ward program to recycle the tires we collect. If we collect at least 100 tires, Bridgestone will remove the tires for free!

In order to maximize our collective cleanup efforts, we have created a reporting system that community volunteers can use to inform the WRP about the location of tires and large trash dumps along the river.

We cannot guarantee that we will have the capacity to address all the reported tire and trash dumps that we receive, however we will do our best to address and make a plan for all submissions.

How to Get Involved

Do you know the location of tires or a large trash dump in or along the White River? Please follow the steps below to submit the location of the dump:

  • Identify a tire or trash dump along the river – we are looking for the following types of tires and trash dumps:

-A single tires or multiple tires that are in or around the White River – we are looking for tire dumps of any size

-Large items in the river that require an organized effort to remove – we want to know about things like gas tanks, home appliances, large pieces of wood and metal, etc that an individual could not remove on their own

-Large quantities of small trash items – we are looking for intentional trash dumps (multiple bags of household trash)


Please contact Christian Pelletier with questions: christian[at]whiteriverpartnership.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

OCC13 benefits the WRP

The WRP is proud to be a partner to Green Mountain Adventures’ 13th Annual Otter Creek Classic Fly Fishing Tournament (OCC13) happening April 10-11, 2021 in the Otter Creek and White River watersheds.

OCC13 is a fly fishing, catch and release “paper tournament” – all meetings and scoring will be handled virtually. The purpose of this event is to promote community; to celebrate opening weekend of the fishing season; and to ensure the sustainability and conservation of our local aquatic resources.

All profits from this year’s event will be donated to the WRP! In the OCC’s first 12 years, the event has raised almost $30,000 for local educational and conservation organizations.

In preparation for this weekend’s tournament, the OCC organizers asked us for a video about the WRP – watch the video below:

It’s not too late to register for the tournament! Visit the OCC website to learn more.

Green Up the White on May 1!

We invite you to help us Green Up the White on Saturday, May 1, 2021!

To kick off our 25th year, the WRP is coordinating a river cleanup event in conjunction with Green Up Day to remove as much trash from the White River and White River Water Trail access sites as possible.

In order to maximize our collective cleanup efforts, we have created a system that interested volunteers can use to sign-up to cleanup a specific White River site – see more information below.

How to Get Involved

Interested in helping us Green Up the White? Please follow the steps below to sign-up for a specific river cleanup site:

Step 1: Find a cleanup site – Please open the Green Up the White Sites List to find a list of river access sites in need of cleaning-up.

Step 2: Sign-up – Complete the Green Up the White Sign-Up to share your river cleanup plans. We will use the cleanup site information you provide to update the Green Up the White Sites List.

Step 3: Find Green Up Day resources – Visit this link to find more information about your town’s Green Up Day plans, including free trash bag pick-up locations, trash disposal locations, and more.

Step 4: Green Up the White – Visit your Green Up the White site on May 1 and dispose of the trash you collect at the nearest drop-off location (see town-specific Green Up Day info on this link). Please keep safety in mind – follow this link for Green Up Day health tips.

Step 5: Share your results – Help us measure success by reporting your Green Up the White trash collection totals via the Green Up the White Trash Collection Report. We will tally the amount and weight of trash collected, and share the totals to celebrate our collective success!

Other ways to get involved

Got a new site? If you have identified a site along the White River that requires trash collection, but does not appear on the Green Up the White Sites List, please contact us: christian[at]whiteriverpartnership.com. We can add the new location to the List.

Got tires? The WRP plans to focus our September 2021 river cleanup efforts on removing tires in the river. If you see a tire (or 10) in the river, please contact us: christian[at]whiteriverpartnership.com. We can add your tire site to the list for our September river cleanup event.


Please contact us with questions: christian[at]whiteriverpartnership.com. We look forward to hearing from you!