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Water Quality Results


Our 2020 water quality monitoring season began on Wednesday, May 27. WRP staff and trained volunteers will monitor 3 water quality parameters at 22 swimming holes every other Wednesday through September 2. Data results are available the Thursday afternoon following each biweekly test date; results for the latest testing date will be posted below and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

To learn more about water quality trends in the White River watershed, read the 4-page 2019 White River Water Quality Report.

What do the monitoring results mean?

Please be aware that we test water quality once every two weeks, not daily. This means that our water quality results do not reflect current conditions.

Instead the water quality data we gather helps us understand trends at each site. Based on data gathered since 2001, we recommend that you avoid swimming or tubing in the White River during and immediately after a rain event because there is an increased risk of exposure to bacterial contamination.

Why monitor bacteria?

Bacterial monitoring is a practical method to determine the potential health risk of water exposure. Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms that can be found in virtually any environment. Bacterial indicators of pollution are the species found in the intestines of warm-blooded animals, including humans, where many pathogens also originate. Indicator bacteria in a waterway come from many sources, including animal droppings, faulty or leaking septic or sewage systems, stormwater runoff, and disturbed sediments.

September 2nd Bacteria Data

Weather past 24 hours: Overcast

West Hartford Bridge gauge reading at 9am:  158 CFS (Cubic Feet/Second); long-term mean for this date: 371 CFS

0 of 22 sites tested exceeded the State of Vermont and EPA “swimmable” standard of 235 bacteria colonies/100 mL sample. Sites exceeding the “swimmable” standard are marked with an asterisk (*).

Lower White River

Old River Road Ledges-Hartford – 41.0
West Hartford bridge – 27.5
The Sharon Academy – 93.3
Pinch Rock-Royalton – 62.0

Upper White River

Peavine Park-Bethel – 17.3
Silver Lake-Barnard – 17.1
Gaysville Bridge – 13.4
Mouth of Tweed-Stockbridge – 24.6
Peavine Park-Stockbridge – 53.8
Lion’s Club Park-Rochester – 35.0
Taylor Meadow Road-Hancock – 14.5

First Branch sites

Mouth of First Branch-Royalton – 78.9
Tunbridge Fairgrounds – 37.9
Tunbridge Town Pool Tributary – 2.0
Chelsea Rec Park – 167.0

Second Branch sites

Mouth of Second Branch-Royalton – 64.4
Dugout Road-Randolph – 113.7
Sunset Lake-Brookfield – 2.0

Third Branch Sites

Mouth of Third Branch-Bethel – 14.6
Stock Farm Road-Bethel – 68.9
Randolph Rec Park – 32.3
Riford Brook Road-Braintree – 26.2

For more information

To learn more about water quality monitoring in the White River valley, check out our Program page.