Help Us ID Didymo

Help Us ID Didymo

July 19, 2007

Please help us identify where didymo is (and isn’t) in the White River.

If you see algae in the river that matches three of the descriptions below, you may have found didymo:


  • Mostly clear flowing water with rock bottom; may be attached to plants


  • Tan, light brown or whitish (not green, dark brown, clear or transparent)


  • Clumps or ropy strands; rough cottony feel; fibrous (not slippery or gelatinous)


  • No leaves or roots; sometimes mistaken for fiberglass, toilet paper or tissue (does not have leaves or roots; does not look like an aquatic plant)

    If you think you’ve found didymo, please collect a dime-sized sample, fold it in a business card or baggie, and send it to:

    Didymo identification, Water Quality Division
    103 S. Main St., Bldg 10N, First Floor
    Waterbury VT 05671-0408
    (802) 241 – 3770 or 241 – 3777

    Be sure to include your name, address and phone or email so that we may contact you. Also, please provide a detailed description of where you found your sample, including the name of the river or stream, the town, and the precise location (such as GPS coordinates, nearest road, or a clearly marked map).