White River Map & Guide on TrailFinder

The WRP’s White River Watershed Recreation Map & Guide is now available on Trail Finder, an online trails database for Vermont and New Hampshire.

The WRP released the White River Watershed Recreation Map & Guide in 2019. The map was the result of several years of work with partners to create a printed, waterproof map that highlights access points, paddling trips, tubing routes, fishing tips, hiking trails, and more along the White River and its five major tributaries: First Branch, Second Branch, Third Branch, West Branch, and Tweed River – nearly 110 miles of river exploration!

The online map includes a different link for five areas highlighted on the printed map, including:

White River main stem – Granville to White River Junction
First Branch – Chelsea to the White River
Second Branch – Kingsbury Covered Bridge to the White River
Third Branch – Riford Brook Road to the White River
Tweed River – Pittsfield village to the White River

Follow this link for more information about the White River Water Trail and stewardship opportunities in 2020!